Since the company established in 1985, Louis Ardens is committed to remaining ahead of its time with a flow of distinctive designs and prospective inventions.
Recognized for its exceptional creativity and its technical excellence, Louis Ardens drawing the inspiration from traditional accuracy of fine watchmaking with today’s technologies. Louis Ardens focuses on the luxury watch markets by the steep power of confident designs, cutting-edge technologies as well as the perfection of accuracy. Louis Ardens takes pride in offering exceptional models and won its reputation as a trend setting watch-maker.

The name Louis Ardens is derived from the French Rococo style of its design. It characterized by the supreme craftsmanship and integrations of the arts with the personal reign of Louis XV (1723-1774). Recognized for its exceptional creativity, technical excellence and dedication, Louis Ardens proudly perpetuates the traditional art of watchmaking by propelling them into the future, merging the rococo elements of elegance and styple into watchmaking today. The symbol with the letter “LA” cerates an image which not only represent the brand initial but also its commanding quality and design excellence.
Louis Ardens has adopted typically two sets of design guiding principles”a summer and a winter”, as highly ornamental yet elegant styling to mesh with the classic and modern blending of style. The “Orientalia”, themes from the Far East. It is the fashion of fabulous principle thematic expressions of style. Precious and exotic coloring materials were often used to further the effect.

Indeed, Louis Ardens offers a very wide range of unique collection which inspired the passion of watch collectors and their attitudes of luxury watch making. Louis Ardens will continue to preserve the prestigious of exactitude and craftsmanship expertise, and will always constitute and pursue the very soul of “Elegance & Style”.